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Amazon Confirms Advertising Will Become a 'Meaningful' Part of Its Business ( 84

An anonymous reader shares a report: Amazon's advertising business has loomed quietly in the digital media space for some time but the online behemoth has given the clearest indication yet that it will now come to the fore. Advertisers and agencies have been hearing Amazon-sized footsteps for some time but until now the business has erred away from revealing too much. However, on its latest earnings call Amazon was asked by one analyst as to whether advertising could become a more "meaningful part of the business" over the near to mid-term. "It's pretty early in the days with advertising but we're very pleased with the team we have and the results," said Amazon's chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky in response to another analyst query. "Our goal is to be helpful to consumers and enhance their shopping or their viewing experience with targeted recommendations, and we think a lot of the information we have and preferences of customers and recommendations help us do that for customers."
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Amazon Confirms Advertising Will Become a 'Meaningful' Part of Its Business

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  • So then they're not doing ads? Make up your mind, Amazon!
  • by evolutionary ( 933064 ) on Friday April 28, 2017 @11:36AM (#54319555)
    Amazon was great when it was just into selling books at the best prices. Now it's into market fixing, misleading people through skewed ads and search results, and stealing markets from people naive enough to use their services to make a store only to have Amazon take over the same market once it sees it's profitable. Looking at their prices and tools they are clear trying to manipulate markets in favors of sellers (aka companies selling) who then in turn buy their advertising/marketing services. And with the new server service, the data Amazon is mining now, it's trying to rival Google, and given Google's cross over into the category of "evil" through it's data collection , well, there is a new movie "The Circle" that may spell all this out. Google and Amazon are most likely going to be in direct competitors to each other soon. I truly hope to see someone compete with Amazon working with the consumers again. Would be a nice touch. It won't be Ebay who is basically doing the same thing.
    • misleading people through skewed ads and search results

      Eh? Does amazon have a search engine now?

      • Yes, at, though obviously its only limited to searching for their products (which is practically everything). They display "sponsored results" that look just like the results you were searching for. It got so annoying that I configured some special rules in adblock-origin to strip out some of that crap, so I don't even know if they still do that.

        I spend a lot of money at Amazon. It's really annoying that they feel they need to monetize my eyeballs as well.

      • misleading people through skewed ads and search results

        Eh? Does amazon have a search engine now?

        They own the very best search engine, from an advertiser's perspective. One that people use to find stuff to buy.

        • Yes, at the highest prices/benefit that Amazon can sell. (without getting slapped on the wrist by regulators of course..there was a Canadian slap on the wrist earlier: http://business.financialpost.... [] )
          • Yes, at the highest prices/benefit that Amazon can sell.

            Is there any retailer that doesn't sell for the highest prices they can get? To do otherwise is stupid.

            there was a Canadian slap on the wrist earlier

            You should read your link. The "slap" had nothing to do with Amazon's prices.

    • Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook;

      They all intercept each other's business models in multiple ways. This isn't any real major diversion from the plot.

  • since i will not willingly pay for ads
    • since i will not willingly pay for ads

      What do you think the "picks for you" on the Amazon home page are? Targeted ads. Always have been, and even before Prime existed.

  • So, more SPAM in everyones' inbox? Glad I deleted my Amazon account a while back when they had a security breach, then.
  • A company gets to a point where they're so successful, they just have to jump the shark and ruin their success.

    Becoming hostile* towards your most loyal customers seems like a pretty good way to do that.

    * Advertising is inherently hostile; if a user asks for a recommendation, that is not advertising.

  • When I go to, their front-page is one long advert, or rather a large number of small adverts. Every page I visit is full of adverts for other products. It's been like this for a long time, so I'm scratching my head to understand why people might think that Amazon displaying adverts might suddenly be a problem when it clearly hasn't been previously.

  • I thought if they were making money from me when I bought crap off of their site they could hold back on the advertising.

    Also Amazon has been advertising - in non-invasive ways - for years.

  • Run a check on any of Amazon's piece of shit "sponsored" products and you'll find every single one engages in deceitful review manipulation. I guarantee it. With uh...internet points.

    I use pihole on my nas, opendns, and ublock origin, and fakespot is still my most useful tool when shopping.

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