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Austria, Carmakers Agree To Update Software of 600,000 Diesel Cars ( 12

An anonymous reader shares a report: Austria's Transport Minister Joerg Leichtfried said on Tuesday he had agreed with carmakers to update the software of 600,000 diesel cars to reduce pollution following a similar deal struck in Germany after a large-scale emissions scandal. Leichtfried said the deal also included extra payments to buyers of more environmentally friendly cars. He said that for potential buyers of electric cars all available financial help could add up to around 10,000 euros ($11,750) per vehicle. The exact amount of incentives, which will come in addition to existing government sweeteners for e-car buyers, will be decided and paid by the carmakers depending on the model of the vehicle exchanged for an old car, the spokesman of Austrian car importers association Guenther Kerle said.
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Austria, Carmakers Agree To Update Software of 600,000 Diesel Cars

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  • Since there are no Austrian car makers, it would be car importers agreeing to do that.

  • Are they making them kangaroo-proof?

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  • This scandal is reaching into upper management and threatens the entire German economy. []

  • I bought a new car just now, and incidentally, I live in Austria.

    Here's why it wasn't an electric car, despite me checking both Tesla Model S and Hyundai Ionic, i.e. both ends of the spectrum.

    These are cool cars, but just not there, yet. The Hyundai is the better value for money, but lacks range (200 km, that's a city car, useless for any serious travel). The Tesla has the most amazing acceleration I've ever seen in any car, ever, by far. But for a car this price, I expect a better designed interior. The de

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