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Google Challenges Record EU Antitrust Fine in Court (reuters.com) 52

Google appealed on Monday against a record 2.4-billion-euro ($2.9 billion) EU antitrust fine, with its chances of success boosted by Intel's partial victory last week against another EU sanction. From a report: The world's most popular Internet search engine, a unit of the U.S. firm Alphabet, launched its appeal two months after it was fined by the European Commission for abusing its dominance in Europe by giving prominent placement in searches to its comparison shopping service and demoting rival offerings.
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Google Challenges Record EU Antitrust Fine in Court

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    • by Kenja ( 541830 )
      How many people said they only wanted to see results from companies that paid Google to be placed there?
    • I want a price comparison site in my Google results. I do. When I'm looking for a moderate to major purchase, it's convenient and helpful. I don't want to figure out, and keep up to date on, which shopping site has good results for one product or another - I want a unified search that gives me good results.

      • by Anonymous Coward

        No, it's idiotic. Just go directly to Amazon to shop. Nobody has better prices or better selection.

      • by Luthair ( 847766 )

        So go to the site you trust instead of searching Google, then searching some other site? Its like going to the classifieds to find ads for another classified service. How often does your newspaper list other newspapers?

        When Google wasn't deranking these sites searching for any product resulted in pages of these junk comparison sites which only exist to use affiliate links.

        • Then, what is the purpose of Google, if you can't trust them and have to go by your own?
          The reason that EU fined Google is that they have a demanding market share, and therefore also a responsibility to not abuse it.

          I will look forward to see the outcome of the court case, but I will also say that I am worried as a consumer, if I can't trust the search engine I am using to deliver an honest result, because then I am screwed, as well as everyone else using it.

          If that search engine is a minor search engine I

          • by Luthair ( 847766 )

            Then, what is the purpose of Google, if you can't trust them and have to go by your own?

            Its about trusting them to find relevant search results - do you also expect Google's results page to also include Bing's search query, Yahoo's results page, etc. etc.?

  • by jenningsthecat ( 1525947 ) on Monday September 11, 2017 @01:36PM (#55175263)

    Even Google can't dismiss a fine of almost 3 billion dollars as a mere cost of doing business. Penalties for corporate abuses need to be truly painful if they're to serve as deterrents.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 11, 2017 @01:45PM (#55175355)

    Let's hope the appeal will double the fine.

    • As it should for wasting the court's time. Google should be careful. They can easily be replaced. There are lots of people ready and willing to fill their shoes. They don't have the kind of clout that the banks have to rob people blind and get bailed out every few years.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    They can find out how to pay the fine, what with vast amounts of their loot hidden away from tax gatherers. That and if they can magically find the ready cash how they can explain why it shouldn't be taxed like your run-of-the-mill regular business.

  • Well, if they're so upset with Google, then the answer's pretty clear.
    Fire wall off Europe until they come to their senses. Should take, I don't know.... Three seconds?

    Google is not a monopoly. There are other search engines. Use *them* if you don't like Google.

    • by bn-7bc ( 909819 )
      No firewall needed, just compell sll eu ISPs to drop their bgp sessions with googels cdn (ehm in fact the only ones you need to compell is the excabng point operatos and you don’t even need to drop sessions, which would alert googel the sane second, just filter the prefixes comming from that peer)
    • "Come to their senses"?

      I think taking action against a hugely dominant market leader (meeting most, if not all the marks of being a de facto monopoly) is very sensible.

      Fuck the big corporations, we don't need them. There is always an alternative.

      • There is always an alternative.

        I thought I had made that abundantly clear.

        What most seem to miss is a very simple concept, they are just too intent on taking private property (in this case, Google's) to see it.

        1. Unlike Telecoms or, going back into history, railroads, or "the Seven Sisters" oil companies, Google does not prevent, nor do they present, a barrier to entry into their markets. Anyone can code up a search engine / index, Google won't stop you. Try opening a competing telephone or cable company, a

        • You're making this needlessly complicated. Google is a de facto monopoly (you try and compete with them. Go ahead, see what happens) and they've been found to be abusing that power to lord over others, determining almost solely who succeeds and who fails. Therefore, regulation is needed, before their influence gets out of hand.

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