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Google Photos Now Recognizes Your Pets ( 60

Today, Google is introducing an easier way to aggregate your pet photos in its Photos app -- by allowing you to group all your pet's photos in one place, right beside the people Google Photos organized using facial recognition. TechCrunch reports: This is an improvement over typing in "dog," or another generalized term, because the app will now only group together photos of an individual pet together, instead of returning all photos you've captured with a "dog" in them. And like the face grouping feature, you can label the pet by name to more easily pull up their photos in the app, or create albums, movies or photo books using their pictures. In addition, Google Photos lets you type in an animal's breed to search for photos of pets, and it lets you search for photos using the dog and cat emojis. The company also earlier this year introduced a feature that would create a mini-movie starring your pet, but you can opt to make one yourself by manually selecting photos then choosing from a half-dozen tracks to accompany the movie, says Google.
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Google Photos Now Recognizes Your Pets

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  • I had honestly grown skeptical of the no-strings-attached devotion the dogs were providing... after all, who could love me that unconditionally without some sort of downside?
  • Crap writing. Google doesn't recognize my pets. Google doesn't have pictures of my pets. Google doesn't know if I have pets.
  • Your girlfriend with a collar and leash....

    • by Anonymous Coward
      This is Slashdot, no one here has a girlfriend.
  • It's not recognizing my pet rock.
  • And my black friends are Gorillas. And these people want to provide the AI for automated cars?
  • by PPH ( 736903 )

    so convenience
    doge approves
    such search
    pls no lolcats

  • the food section.

  • With all the serious problems that need to be solved in the world, Google is putting bright minds to work on this?
  • They probably use Google Photos on that snap camera too, meaning now you pay 250$ for auto 7 sec..
  • In choosing Don't Be Evil as it's famous motto (history will judge if they failed that test), Google neglected other, less obvious aspects. One that comes to mind right now is Don't Be Creepy; while less fraught with meaning, it's much easier to judge... and they're failing.

  • My parents have a Boston Terrier that is stout, and now in her older age is even quite hefty.

    We have a Boston Terrier that is basically a cat. She's a bit lanky and has completely different markings. Per Google they're the same dog.

    I'll go ahead and share for reference. [] If storage were unlimited I would load up all my old photos too, but I would quickly overload my space. Too bad there's not a "pay once keep forever" option on space instead of a regular bill.

  • "Hey Siri, show me pictures of schnauzers" is far more accurate that one would imagine.
  • And it gets even creepier
  • It seems to have some problems differentiating between Llamas, and incorrectly identifying coyotes.

    Was this designed by city folk?

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