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Comcast's Xfinity Internet Service Is Down Across the US [Update] ( 104

Readers share a report: Comcast's internet service, Xfinity, appears to be suffering an outage across the country. shows it being down around the United States, including in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. So far, online reports don't suggest that TV service or home phones are affected. On Twitter, Comcast confirmed the outage. Adding, "Some customers are having issues with their XFINITY Internet service. We apologize & appreciate your patience while we work to fix." The company tweeted moments ago, "Our teams continue to monitor an external network issue. We apologize for the inconvenience -- will provide updates as we learn more." In another tweet, Comcast said the issue is nationwide.

Update: At 20:39 GMT on Monday, Comcast said it had resolved the issue.
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Comcast's Xfinity Internet Service Is Down Across the US [Update]

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  • I have comcast and I live in the middle of the country (over 1,000 miles from my home to the nearest ocean). I just logged in to my box at home (which is connected by comcast) from work and everything is fine.
    • I am in Houston and noticed websites took awhile to respond until I changed the DNS settings.

    • I have xfinity, am in denver, and it's been running slow all morning.

      I connected to a VPN with the exit in Texas I think, and it seemed to run faster while my wife's was still running slow.

      We didn't do side-by-side tests. It doesn't SOUND like something that would make sense, so maybe it was random.
  • I'm on non-Xfinity internet from Comcast and I am here wasting time and posting on /.

    I almost feel compelled to do a "carrier lost" joke, but that would take way from pointing out the above.

    • by DontBeAMoran ( 4843879 ) on Monday November 06, 2017 @04:27PM (#55501475)

      What the hell is a "carrier lost" joke supposed t{#`%${%&`+'${`%&NO CARRIER

    • by Zebai ( 979227 )

      I feel compelled to comment on this. "Xfinity" is a residential brand name, a marketing gimmick. If you have residential service you have Xfintiy there is no special technology or package or anything else its just a name to reimage the company from the residential point a view.

      So in summary of my comment, there is no such thing as non-Xfinity comcast unless your a business class customer and only then because marketing for business takes a different approach.

  • Very slow in Seattle from about 10:00 AM to noon. Back to normal now. My biggest problem with Comcast has been unannounced (but obviously scheduled) outages between midnight and 2AM. I had AT&T in Dallas for three years and never had an outage.

    • I also noticed some lag spikes in the greater Seattle area this morning as well.

      Normal pings were ~13 ms.
      Lag spikes ~2600 ms - ~5500 ms around 10:58 am through 11:01 am (inclusive.) Minor one at 11:06

    • Very slow in Seattle from about 10:00 AM to noon. Back to normal now.

      I call shenanigans. I have it on Good Slashdot Authority that people in Seattle only have access to dialup.

    • Same unannounced outages have been happening with Centurylink here in Auburn, WA for about 3 months... exact same times.

    • So it's just slow?

    • Very slow you say? So situation normal?

      Back when I had Comcast that was normal.

      The "unannounced (but obviously scheduled)" remark strikes me as funny because one time they told me my internet was out due to a "planned outage". I think the customer (dis)service representative was just trying to get rid of me but after repeatedly telling me there were no reported outages in my area (except the one I was reporting) they said it was a "planned outage".

      And then I started ranting about Service Level Agreement

  • by JoeDuncan ( 874519 ) on Monday November 06, 2017 @04:04PM (#55501309)

    There's a big global DDOS attack going on right now.

    Our whole shop is down and can't access Azure or TFS


  • I noticed some websites took awhile to respond.

    I changed my DNS settings on my router to openDNS and that helped.

  • Level3 (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    This looks like it was actually a Level3 outage. Level3 carries a lot of the nationwide internet traffic (including traffic to/from Comcast), and the outage there caused various ripple effects (you can't get there from here, or can only get there very slowly across this (now) overloaded path).

    • by dpilot ( 134227 )

      I was on vacation last week, but I happened to see a news article at the airport, and it looked as if Level3 had been sold. Though from the financial page to fumbling the packets on the raised floor would probably take longer than this, so I doubt it's related.

      • Regarding the news, it looks like they finally completed their merger with CenturyLink, which was touched off about a year ago.
    • You mean CenturyLink now! As of Nov 1st they are officially merged. I'm sure they are freaking out right about now! 2 weeks in and your already dealing with a massive outage?
  • Had to Power cycle everything and it came back.

    Botched patch?

    I don't use Comcast DNS I use OpenDNS.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Comcast is fine. Level 3 is the issue. It's been having issues since around 1PM ET. This is right around the time that Centurylink was tweeting the Level 3 is now Centurylink.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Don't be stupid. You're on slashdot, son. It's Comcast. It's ALWAYS Comcast.
  • It's everyone playing this new paperclip game: []

    And crashing the internet...

    ( :) )

    • I'm never going to get rich being a paperclip tycoon.

      I played for about 2 minutes and I only made about $10. That game sucks.

  • Mine is running like a top in the southeast US. I use Google's DNS, though, and have been hearing the outage is DNS-related.
  • Comcast Internet service was bad, slow, and I changed my DNS servers to Google's and things are good. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO., so the problem is probably pretty wide.
  • Spectrum had a similar outage in my area (Austin) last week. I wonder if this is an outside attack on mainstream cable providers?
  • It always says that if you zoom out on the map. The person writing this article must never have visited that website before.
  • I'm in San Jose, Ca, and I've been seeing some intermittent connectivity loss the last 1-2 weeks... But that might be a localized issue. Otherwise I'm fine. This big outage isn't affecting me. If it is DNS, then I won't see any issues. I'm running my own DNS servers. I'm also running Comcast business rather than Xfinity, so slight chance that's a factor as well.
  • Now that they have an industry lobbyist in the FCC, they're installing the internet toll booths so they can start charging you extra for Netflix.

    I wish I was joking.

  • They're just testing the post net neutrality internet, citizen.

  • ... you log into your account and create a trouble ticket.
  • It's not frequent, though. (At least I don't hear about it often.) Last Fall there was a fairly sizable Comcast outage and the project I was working on lost contact with the segment of our team located in TX. They were all using Comcast as their ISP and it took the better part of a day for them to resume work by driving around to various coffee shops until they found one not using Comcast. (That outage hit our area, too, as well but I wasn't using Comcast.)

  • by edb ( 87448 ) on Tuesday November 07, 2017 @01:59AM (#55504353)

    No surprise, it appears to be human error in Border Gateway Protocol information sharing. Again.

    Whether deliberate or unintentional, human-introduced errors in BGP routing (typo or espionage?) have happened before, and from reports I've seen, happened again this morning. This isn't something easily bypassed, like using numeric IP addresses instead of DNS lookups. It's fundamental to the resiliency of the Internet by design. Too bad such a fundamental part of the Internet architecture is still so dependent on trust.

  • I have so many comcast outages that one more is just a drop in the ocean.

Experience varies directly with equipment ruined.