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A New Era For Linux's Low-level Graphics (collabora.com) 61

Slashdot reader mfilion writes: Over the past couple of years, Linux's low-level graphics infrastructure has undergone a quiet revolution. Since experimental core support for the atomic modesetting framework landed a couple of years ago, the DRM subsystem in the kernel has seen roughly 300,000 lines of code changed and 300,000 new lines added, when the new AMD driver (~2.5m lines) is excluded. Lately Weston has undergone the same revolution, albeit on a much smaller scale. Here, Daniel Stone, Graphics Lead at Collabora, puts the spotlight on the latest enhancements to Linux's low-level graphics infrastructure, including Atomic modesetting, Weston 4.0, and buffer modifiers.
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A New Era For Linux's Low-level Graphics

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    That's what the kernel is there for. EVERYTHING.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    They really need to rename the DRM subsystem.

  • Text mode (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Spazmania ( 174582 ) on Saturday March 24, 2018 @03:30PM (#56319895) Homepage

    How about letting me use the Direct Rendering Manager in X without disrupting my console text mode? Leave my text alone!

    • Leave my text alone!

      That would require kernel-mode settings.
      But very likely you have still a user-mode-setting driver, because you're using Nvidia GPUs.

      Stop using Nvidia hardware with their proprietary blob that doesn't play nicely with the rest of the usual Linux stack.
      (In a gross over simplification, Nvidia basically recompile their Windows driver for Linux. So if they need something that work differently, or if Linux some things being done differently, well too bad for you. Too bad for you if you have a laptop that goes int

  • I've tried a lot of distributions over the years and I can't say I've ever found an interface that felt totally 'light' for linux. I'm not a big fan of OS/X but I can say that it is one thing they got right. Windows even feels light by comparison. I hope it is changing for the better.
  • Meanwhile, political bullshit drama and meaningless crapticles populate the homepage ...

    This site does not deserve the name "Slashdot". The tagline should be "News for 'tards, stuff that saddens."

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