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SlashNET Forum with Mandrake 31

drdink wrote to let us know about a SlashNET forum with Mandrake of Enlightenment fame. It will be at 01:30 UTC (9:30pm EDT) today in #forum. Open discussion about the forum will be held in #forum.d. If you're new to SlashNET, irc.slashnet.org will point you at a random server, and us.slashnet.org will point you at a random US server. Hope to see people there!Update: 06/14 12:50 by H :Get the log here.
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SlashNET Forum with Mandrake

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time except it is the French version of the term thats gets abbreviated. UTC is equivalent to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Technically, GMT is 12 noon when the sun is at it's highest altitude over the Greenwich, England meridian (0 degrees longitude). For unix systems, utc is the time that the system uses internally.

    I remember reading somewhere that the Brits were (had) closing down the Royal Greenwich Observatory. In the past, this was the reference station for time syncronization in the British Empire. Time keeping was important since it served as one of the bases for determining longitude.
  • [Questions] gassy asks: mandrake linux.... pure coincidence?
    [mandrake] heh
    [mandrake] you don't know how many times people ask me that
    [mandrake] in fact, the day I found out they had chosen my handle was right after linux expo
    [mandrake] and they even knew who I was but sent me email saying somehting like "well, we've already sent in the CD to be mastered, sorry"
    [mandrake] the only thing that really bothers me is that they trademarked my name.
    [mandrake] annoying
    [mandrake] but oh well

    That answer your question?

  • The official SlashNET Log of mandrake's forum can be slashdotted from ftp://ftp.slashnet.org/pub/slashnet/forums/

    That directory contains gzipped logs of most of our post forums (the really really old ones weren't logged). Feel free to repost unmodified versions on other sites. We should have it on our website [slashnet.org] pretty soon.

    I'd like to note that the SlashNET link on Slashdot pages is wrong. Our new webpage is at http://www.slashnet.org/

  • I believe that those would fall into the catagory of GoodQuestions(TM) to ask at the forum. -- morph-
  • Thanks to everyone for taking the time to stop by, and thanks especially to mandrake for putting up with that many questions. ;>
  • Here's [slashnet.org] a web-based copy if the ftp server gets slashdotted.
  • So why does this guy share a name with a Linux distribution that he isn't involved with? Is "Mandrake" such a common name that two Linux-related entities just "happened" to pick the same name?
  • i agree completely. it would be nice if the slashnet link off the main page pointed to the correct location. otherwise there's no real point in having that link, ya know?

  • I hate to be anal about this, but it actually isn't the French or the English that is abbreviated (UTC). They couldn't decide which language to abbreviate so the compromised and did neither.
  • Mandrakes one the two main enlightenment developers. He has nothing to do with Mandrake Linux as that is kde base. Mandrake is known to get quite upset when asked about the Mandrake dist. Not that I ever do so. That would be wrong ;-)
  • Well, Mandrake the Person has been using the name far longer than Mandrake the Linux Distribution has been... So I'd check with the Mandrake the Linux Distribution people to see why they came up with that name.
  • It seems that the link to slashnet off the main slashdot page is really outdated. SlashNET has its own web site http://www.slashnet.org/ but the slashdot link points to http://slashdot.org/slashnet

    Please change

  • by jc ( 6022 )
    answers to your questions, respectively, are:

    a) Geoff Harrison [mandrake.net], recently hired by VA linux systems, architect of Enlightenment since (iirc) DR 0.9

    b) see (a)

    c) why not?

    d) absolutely not.

  • Malda,

    Please fix the link. We have been waiting a long time for you to fix it.

    See you at slashNET tonight.
  • It is 01:30 UTC June 14, 1999.
  • nope, GMT is not affected by daylight savings time.

    The UK (and Ireland) uses GMT in the Winter and BST (British Summer Time) in the summer (well, duh!).

    BST is GMt+0100

  • Yes, except GMT is effected by daylight savings time, I think (Damn daylight savings time) . . . anyway. . .

    I don't think that they actually are closing down Greenwich for time keeping, but they _did_ move the official center of astronomy out of there because the lights from London were too bright to do any type of astronomy. .
  • by Zurk ( 37028 )
    who is this guy ? whats he do (besides some work with enlightenment) ? why do we want to ask him questions ? does he have anything to do with the mandrake linux distro ?
  • Why doesn't SlashNET link with the Open Projects Network? They both seem like the same kind of crowds and it seems silly to have two small networks like these when you can combine the two and make a single one with irc.linux.com's #linuxhelp and irc.slashnet.org's #slashdot.
  • This is getting more off topic, but...

    I thought that UTC got UTC because of the various time scales involved...

    TAI (International Atomic Time) -- bears no direct relation with the rotation of the Earth.

    UT (Universal Time), consisting of:
    UT0 -- Rotational time of a given point on the earth, as measured by the stars.
    UT1 -- UT0 corrected for changes in the Earth's orbit.
    UTC -- Coordinated Universal Timescale defined to be an integral number of seconds off from TAI, but less than 0.9 seconds from UT1.

    Of course, when you talk about UTC, you should talk about who is doing the measuring. There is a difference between UTC(USNO) (as measured by the US) and UTC(BIPM) (as measured by the French). BIPM doesn't actually -have- any clocks, they just tell people how off their clocks are. Trust the French to develop a system that once a month tells you what time it was two weeks ago...
  • I might be wrong, and I forget what "UTC" stands for, but EDT is "Eastern Daylight Time" (I think), they are just different time zones.

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