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Opera Invents New P2P System 60

Posted by Zonk
from the breakthrough! dept.
jeffy124 writes "Opera Software has developed a new P2P communications technology, buzzword description being a platform independent real time short- to medium-range interpersonal communications technology. A press release is available on their website, as is a demonstration of the technology, which Opera has called "Soundwave"."
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Opera Invents New P2P System

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  • Holy crap (Score:5, Interesting)

    by nmb3000 (741169) <> on Friday April 01, 2005 @07:54PM (#12117145) Homepage Journal
    All this bullshit and they STILL are posting dupes.

    It's nice to see some things don't change.
    • Re:Holy crap (Score:5, Insightful)

      by NanoGator (522640) on Friday April 01, 2005 @08:29PM (#12117515) Homepage Journal
      "All this bullshit and they STILL are posting dupes."

      They're probably doing that because people needlessly bitch about them.

      I find it amusing, really. A lot of you act like somebody spit in your face when a dupe is posted. Never mind that not everybody may have seen it the first time around, I can't believe some of you get so bent out of shape about it. If it's old news, move on. Not a big deal.

      It never happens that way though, does it? No no no, you've just got to come in and bitch about it. Bitch! Bitch!! Bitch!!! Dupe! Dupe!! DUPE!!! I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the dupes today were intentional just to have a little fun with you loudmouths with no sense of proportion.
      • by ChuckleBug (5201) * on Friday April 01, 2005 @08:54PM (#12117657) Journal
        Your reply is a dupe of a previous reply to a dupe of the article (dupe) to which you are replying. In dupe. I am outraged.
      • Re:Holy crap (Score:3, Insightful)

        by smallpaul (65919)

        Dupes annoy me for the following reason: I am a professional. I try to put care into meeting my customer's needs. I expect the people who provide services to me (ad-sponsored and paid alike) to do the same. A Slashdot editor who cannot be bothered to read Slashdot insults me on a variety of levels: first, Slashdot is such a trivial medium that even its editors cannot be bothered to read it. So why do I read it? I guess I'm the fool. Second, my time is worth so little that they have the right to waste it, li

        • "Admittedly the dupe only wastes a second of my time but when you multiply that second across a tens of thousands of users it is actually quite costly."

          Err.. okay. I have two problems with this argument:

          1.) What does the total number of seconds lost across 10's of thousands of people have to do with anything? I'm sorry, but this is one of the weakest rationalizations I have ever heard. If Slashdot delays are so bad, you would have a super long list of things that gall you.

          2.) Why isn't there an acc
          • 2.) Why isn't there an accounting of the people who didn't catch the original stories? The 1 second lost by you may be gained by me because I don't sit on Slashdot reading every single story.

            According to this logic, Slashdot should run every article over and over again in case someone missed it. If there is a problem with people "missing" articles that they would have wanted to see then personalization features are a much better solution than accidentally posting the same thing multiple times even for t

            • "According to this logic, Slashdot should run every article over and over again in case someone missed it."

              Sorry, no, my logic doesn't imply that. An occasional re-run is a far cry from rapidly repeating each story. Anybody who has ever watched TV before should have figured this out.

              "I'd appreciate it if you would read what I wrote before responding."

              I did, actually. Frankly, that answer, and the one you just posted isn't doing it for me. You're holding Slashdot's professionalism in too high rega
              • You seem to think that 80 of 48 hours is a massive number of stories. Let's presume that there is only one editor working at a time in 8 hour shifts. Then the editor needs to post one article every half an hour. They don't need to write the interesting content: someone else does that. They don't need to find or summarize the content: the submitter does that. Presuming that the Slashdot CMS software is half-way comparable to the various free programs I've used (I haven't tried Slash), the editor basically se

                • If you consider sifting through hundreds of submissions to get to it, yes it is.

                  "They don't need to write the interesting content: someone else does that. They don't need to find or summarize the content: the submitter does that."

                  I think you'd be surprised at how much editor intervention it is. I'm not claiming it's a lot, but it could easily soak up 10 minutes.

                  " Other commercial media sources don't find it so difficult."

                  Other commercial media sources go get the stories by people specialized in t
  • by cybercobra (856248) on Friday April 01, 2005 @07:54PM (#12117146)
    Wow, a repeat on April Fools Day.
    Honestly, I never saw it coming.
  • -sigh- (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Omnieiunium (872399)
    My god.. it's still 4 PM.. 8 more hours of this..
  • Nothing for you to see here, please move along.
  • Really. I'm going to stop reading slashdot if this continues.
  • And from the same day, as well. It's an April Fools dupe though!
  • April Fools (Score:2, Interesting)

    by nachoqtpie (824538)
    I just can't get enough of the April Fools stories. They never get old. Even though I've read it, it still makes me giggle with glee
  • I think the constant rate of post on Slashdot is a April Fools Day prank. I bet it is just a big shell script that keeps them coming, and they just still there and watch how stupid we are.
  • by stupidfoo (836212)
    I mean for fucks sake.

    First, about 19 dupes ThinkGeek stories (yes, I know, they varied ever so slightly) and now this.
    • "First, about 19 dupes ThinkGeek stories (yes, I know, they varied ever so slightly) and now this."

      Strange things happening on April 1st!? Wanna what's spooky? Every year around the end of October, I get harrassed by a bunch of kids!
  • Marginally more humorous than some but way too late.
  • in europe it's already the second of April,but as I'm reading the subjects on the main page, US obviously still enjoys the first of April
  • I've only been using it for around 10 seconds. No replies, no status reports, not even a blinking LED to indicate that an attempted transfer is occuring. This'll never catch on.
    • I tried to share some music using this scheme, but all of the peers suddenly went away.
    • You need to use it until all facial indicators turn red. Failing that, increase the output until they turn blue. It often also helps to increase the output signal in short sharp bursts. If this still fails then it is likely that the receivers are non-functional.
      • Just finished trying what you said--it seems to be that the receivers are non-functional (or, as I'd like to say, dysfunctional). I did, however, turn some of my facial indicators red and they aren't turning back. My mom said it looks like I burst some capillaries due to we have a P2P system that has a shorter range than my home wireless network AND as a bonus can cause physical and/or aesthetic damage to its users. Next thing you know, there will be viruses plaguing the system. I know my an
  • Let those of us who enjoy crude humor be and quit posting comments about the banality of April 1st if you don't like them! If you're sick and tired of it...STOP READING! Go outside! Get a job/start doing some actual work at your job! Meet people! Or hell, just read another website for 8 more hours if it offends you so much. I swear, some of you sound like someone just sh*t in your umbilical cord...
  • april fools going too far
  • Well its 2nd of April from where I'm at. Fool! What ever happened to internet time . . . . ?
  • Way to go Opera ... that was a good one !!
  • Rumble, Laserbeak, Ravage: prepare for battle. Operation: warfare. Eject... eject... eject..

  • What is today's date?

    They keep telling me it is 2nd of april.

    I guess it is april fools day all-year-round when it comes to IT-business news.
  • The next dupe will come in Opera's new SoundWave.

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