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Seafloor Carpet Mimics Muddy Seabed To Harness Wave Power 20

Posted by samzenpus
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Zothecula writes "Many organizations around the world are looking at ways to harness the power of waves as a renewable energy source, but none are covering quite the same ground as a team of engineers from the University of California (UC), Berkeley. The seafloor carpet, a system inspired by the wave absorbing abilities of a muddy seabed, has taken exploring the potential of wave power to some intriguing new depths."
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Seafloor Carpet Mimics Muddy Seabed To Harness Wave Power

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  • by Garridan (597129) on Monday February 24, 2014 @02:24PM (#46325311)
    No, the downside is that the muddy seafloor is chock full of life. The energy absorbed by that seafloor churns the mud, continually stirring around nutrients, plankton, eggs and sperm, algae, etc. A huge amount of sealife spawns in this mud -- stop churning it, and you kill everything there. And as these things usually go... killing a huge number of species tends to open a door to noxious, invasive, damaging monocultures.

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