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Internet TV Arrives (for Mac users) with DTV 76

luigi6699 writes "The fine folks at Downhill Battle just released a Beta of their Internet TV software for Mac OS X, called DTV. Mac users can download it now. It's totally free and open-source. The Windows version and full DTV launch is coming in just a few weeks... DTV is an Internet TV player: you can browse the built-in Channel Guide and subscribe to dozens of channels. Watch full-screen: music videos, documentaries, video blogs and more. You can submit your channels to their open Channel Guide, or make your own channel with Broadcast Machine. And you don't need to be a videomaker to have your own channel -- use Broadcast Machine to link to videos from all over the place. Check out this latest iteration of the read/write web!"
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Internet TV Arrives (for Mac users) with DTV

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  • Pretty cool stuff (Score:5, Interesting)

    by d'oh89 ( 859382 ) * on Tuesday August 09, 2005 @07:25PM (#13282731)
    Just downloaded and fired DTV up. I'm real impressed. I never knew how many vblogs are out there. Already found a really cool show (Rocketboom). I'm thinking that this software is going to help push this more mainstream. Definitely worth the download to check it out.
  • Market Share (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ndansmith ( 582590 ) on Tuesday August 09, 2005 @07:32PM (#13282770)
    Will internet TV players and video blogs be able to steal any market share from standard broadcast, cable, and sattelite TV? Perhaps with an array of quality video blogs, the internet could make a dent in the ratings for mainstream's low quality offerings (read: Reality TV). I think the more important question is: will the networks or producers of mainstream programming being to offer their product on line as well?
    • Who cares- with a million low budget "Wayne's World" type shows popping up all over, break out the beer and popcorn because That's Entertainment!
    • I don't know if it's really that important that a "dent" be made in big media's market share. What is important is that there are tools like this and that tools like this continue to be developed for those of us that want something different.

      The downside of this becoming popular is millions of idiots filling the web with their video clips that are already getting airplay on the major media outlets. In that sense at least, yes, we're going to get plenty of mainstream media.
  • "read/write web" is going to make a very annoying buzzphrase
  • This perplexing pseudo-dialog [].

    Uhm, yes?
  • by chia_monkey ( 593501 ) on Tuesday August 09, 2005 @07:43PM (#13282824) Journal
    Oh sweet mother...

    I don't know if it's the coffee in me buzzing me up beyond belief or if this has worlds of potential. Slashdot is great for listening to people comment about things from all around the world. The social networking sites (LinkedIn, MySpace, etc) are good for meeting people both personally and professionally. And now you have this, which could be many things to many people. Some could use it as their ranting platform. Others use it to discover talent (talent in writing, talent in gathering interesting video and compling it, talent in editing, etc). I can't wait to get home and download it (you Mac users out there please hold off and don't slashdot the page so I can get it).
    • I can't wait to get home and download it (you Mac users out there please hold off and don't slashdot the page so I can get it).

      Ha ha. Okay, let us know once you've arrived home and completed your download, so that we may then do so. Please don't forget about us! I realise that once you have completed your download that you will want to get straight into the web TV thingy, but please take the time to keep us in the loop so that we don't have to wait any longer than we need to. ; )
  • I wonder if there were any forward-thinking tv stations/networks that would be willing to buddy up with this idea.

    Imagine, the traditional TV shows we're used to, viewable over the internet, commercials intact. How can that not make everybody happy?

    Viewers get a legit avenue of watching TV over internet, and the show producers can track download stats and validate commercial impressions to advertisers in much more concrete numbers than the current model (if significantly less in volume)

  • ...will there be a ABC News videoblog?
  • Has anyone heard of a little program called WinAMP? Internet TV has been around for a while now.
  • I've downloaded and tried DTV -- looks ok, but nothing great. Nothing that iTunes 4.9 doesn't already do for both Mac and Win platforms (yes, you can watch videos in iTunes -- look to the album art pane).
    • I think the similarity is intended. Once the video ipods come out I can see this blowing up large..
    • Re:Redundant (Score:3, Informative)

      I think the problem is that you're evaluating it as a video player. The "we play video" feature is the least interesting aspect of this software. The goal, as far as I can tell, is to provide a new network where anyone can publish their video online. So the success of the software should be evaluated based on how easy it is to find interesting content, and find interested viewers for your own content.

      In short, we might have to wait years before rendering a final verdict.
  • 1. Do I need a biger pipe?
    2. Does it count if I point the video camera at my cable TV?
    • 1) It is basically a podcast aggregator that plays videos, for retrieving video over RSS feeds. Except for lacking the thumbnail feature, iTunes 4.9 does this better, its podcast feature can download videos.

      I hope this program improves though.
  • okay. So the pages are slashdotted. I'm looking for increasing the content, since it seems like a neat program.

    Public domain tv like cartoons?

    clever, possibly missed daily show clips

    Classic moments in Television

    Those funny clips that people sometimes share online

    This works pretty well: I like the RSS aspect of it, I can see it to be a new type of podcasting.

  • Everyone can have a TV channel.
  • I'll have to give it a try when I get my shiny new *Book soon. I'm just waiting for commercialization of MythTV. If console makers licensed it, It could probably become extremely popular, and us Geeks wuold be payed to set up Myth servers....
  • Does anybody know how the video is downloaded on this app? I'm running it now and can't tell. If they could combine it with bittorrent, it would be an incredibly powerful distribution model.

    I'm very impressed. (and very pleased to see it come out for the Mac first!)
  • Please God, someone convince Isaac to write a Myth module for this.

    I'd much rather watch this stuff on the real TV than on my ancient iMac.

  • I just did the download it this rocks!! I ma was waiting on this it seems like forever because I got a plasma monitor back in the day when they cost an arm and a leg and ofcourse I always wanted to watch t.v. thru it. This is no doubt one of the coolest things Mac has rolled out in awhile.

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