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Google Security The Almighty Buck

New Google Security Reward Program Announcement 32

jones_supa writes Since 2010, Security Reward Programs have been one cornerstone of Google's relationship with the security research community. In 2014, the company rewarded 200 different researchers with a total amount of $1.5 million. Google wants to celebrate the participants' contributions to the company, and in turn, their contributions back to the researchers. For 2015, two additions to the programs are being announced. It has been noted that researchers' efforts through these programs, combined with Google's internal security work, have made it increasingly difficult to find bugs. Of course, that's good news, but it can also be discouraging when researchers invest their time and struggle to find issues. With this in mind, today Google is rolling out a new, experimental program: Vulnerability Research Grants. These are up-front awards that will be provided to researchers before they even submit a bug. To learn more about the current grants, and review your eligibility, have a look at the rules page. Second, also starting today, all mobile applications officially developed by Google on Google Play and iTunes will now be within the scope of the Vulnerability Reward Program.
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New Google Security Reward Program Announcement

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  • Google's got something ahead of the antivirus vendors... they're paying to prevent the hole from being open rather than setting up to block what comes in the hole. Chrome's main problem has been "feature not implemented" rather than takeovers that were seen in the early days of Internet Explorer. ChromeOS products are looking to be cheap user machines, and there's yet to be a need for antivirus there.

    Factor the price of an antivirus subscription into every Windows machine you're running, and maybe non-progr

    • Err Windows contain a very good antivirus by default. Its actually better than anything you can buy.
      Not only that - but using Google-only products drives you to an ecosystem that is going to be worse than Windows ever was.

      Arguably, Windows, will all of its shortcomings was and still is pretty damn open.
      Not in code, but in APIs, tools, etc. That's actually how it won so much marketshare in the 90's. (its now also getting more and more open in code, tho).

      ChromeOS on the other end, is pretty closed. You want a

    • If your business is so simple that you can operate in a browser then you can just as easily lock down a windows machine to only let the browser run, hell you don't even need to use ie or AV software then if you do it correctly.

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