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Porsche Is Building a Tesla Competitor ( 254

An anonymous reader writes: Back in September, Porsche unveiled a prototype for an electric vehicle. They were trying to gauge interest and figure out if they have the technical know-how to build one. Now, they've made the decision: Porsche's "Mission E" project will put an all-electric vehicle on showrooms by the end of the decade. Wolfgang Porsche said, "With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand." This is a reference, of course, to Porsche's parent company, Volkswagen, which has been in trouble for tampering with emissions standards recently.
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Porsche Is Building a Tesla Competitor

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  • VW Product (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Open the trunk of your electric car, and there's a small ICE chugging away.
    • BMW's already beat them to it.

      Et tu, REX?

  • to challenge the big dog.
  • It's a pretty car. Unfortunately, the projected specifications of the Mission E indicate lower performance than the cars Tesla are making today. The only real advantage promised is faster charging -- from a network of high-voltage charging stations that don't exist yet.

    Good luck with that.

    • Pretty? Looks pretty horrible to me. And I bet Porsche fans won't be impressed; remember their cries of outrage at the 996 and its non-oval headlights? (Which suits me just fine, it kept 2nd hand prices within my budget).

      That's one thing I like about Tesla: they make electric cars that actually look good unlike the horrible abortion that is the Prius (sure sure, that's a hybrid). They showed that electric cars can be sexy rather than boring. This Porsche? I am sure it'll be an impressive car to drive, b
    • " The only real advantage promised is faster charging ... oh yeah ... I almost forgot ... and it's a fucking Porsche !!!


      Seriously, I drove a Porsche once. It was amazing. I don't know if they will be able to recreate the handling experience I had, but if they do then that will be a major advantage unless Tesla manages to pull a similar rabbit out of their ass.

      • by Zobeid ( 314469 )

        The Tesla Roadster was largely built by Lotus, and Tesla apparently poached all their "handling" expertise from Lotus. So. . . I don't really see Porsche (or anybody else) holding much advantage over that. They just need to build another sports car to really demonstrate it.

        • The roadster was a heavy pig that cornered as well as a Lincoln town car. I'm sure putting the weight in that chassis made the Lotus guys cry.

    • It's a pretty car. Unfortunately, the projected specifications of the Mission E indicate lower performance than the cars Tesla are making today.

      So are almost all of the vehicles running Petrofuel. It probably isn't even a good idea to put that much performance in the hands of some drivers.

      The only real advantage promised is faster charging -- from a network of high-voltage charging stations that don't exist yet.

      Good luck with that.

      Do you really think it is some sort of impossibility to put relatively simple Electrical charging systems in at a lot of places? and impossible to do it quickly? The infrastructure argument is possibly the worst argument against EV's.

      It totally discounts the huge infrastructure needed to simply drill, pump, pipeline, refine, ship to storage, repump to trucks,

  • The rivalry of old becomes new again!
  • Porsche intends to build an ALL-ELECTRIC SPORTS car, not a "Tesla competitor". They're not even calling this "Mission E" a sedan. And you can be quite sure, it'll be hella more expensive than a Model S.

    • Sounds like they're more building a competitor for the Tesla Roadster, which isn't even in production(right now).

    • by Zobeid ( 314469 )

      OK, a few points worth making. . .

      The projected performance specs of the Mission E sports car are less than those of the current Tesla sedan. Tesla got their start making sports cars. Tesla have plans to produce sports cars again in the near-ish future.

      So, even though you are correct to point out that these vehicles are in two different categories, it's not necessarily STUPID (in capital letters!) to compare them.

      • by haruchai ( 17472 )

        Tesla made ONE model of sporty car but it was never intended to be their main business. And that was a small 2-seater that's really no match for the cars that made Porsche famous.
        I expect Tesla to continue making & improving the Model S but they're not really competing in Porsche's space, except (possibly) against the Panamera and if the Model X catches on, the Cayenne. And it not likely that Porsche will deliver its 1st all-electric car at a competitive price point to even the top-end Model S.

    • More expensive and less performance than the Tesla. That will win over absolutely no one. But not surprising given the disdain the Porsche management has shown for Tesla and electric cars in general.

      Only after losing significant market share to Tesla has Porsche decided to build a car and they will screw it up big time because their leadership doesn't want to build electric cars. It's as simple as that.

  • ...but once it's off the test track, it turns out there's a hidden coal-powered steam engine in it.

  • for gas cars? I'm wondering if it's possible for a gas powered car to deliver the performance people want with the fuel economy & emissions standards needed to keep the air in a modern city breathable; at least if we're actually going to enforce it.
  • by Snufu ( 1049644 )

    If they wait until "the end of the decade", they may be the only car manufacturer without an all EV model well before that time.

  • And no it's not to compete with Tesla, or because EVs are great (from an economic or market standpoint), or because of the VW diesel scandal. California and 9 other states are mandating that all automakers sell ZEVs (zero emissions vehicles), and that the ZEVs comprise at least 14.5% of their total vehicle sales by 2025 []. If they can't hit 14.5%, they'll either have to buy ZEV credits from another automaker, or they will be prohibited from selling any more ICE cars in those states until their ZEV sales go
  • While I can admire any company that takes on an engineering challenge to make a product that can make them a profit the potential market for electric vehicles tend to largely be those that believe this is how we are going to combat global warming, which it will not.

    Electric vehicles are coal powered vehicles. People may be able to convince me that powering an electric car from a coal fired plant would reduce the carbon emissions from the driver this is still only a very small part of the global warming pro

  • It's mainly because Porsche is subject to the EU's absurd CO2 emissions limitations, which hit every company alike - no matter if they produce small, lightweight cars that drive a lot in city traffic and don't last as long (like french cars), or if they produce expensive luxury cars. Electric cars don't produce CO2 (directly :-)), and therefore are counted as "not producing CO2". In the end, each company's "fleet average" is calculated.

    Also, Porsche is planning ahead for a scenario where E-cars are more tha

  • Fixed that headline for you...

    "Porsche Is Building a car which it hopes will be a Tesla Competitor"

  • Electric cars are supposedly an environmentally friendly technology. Has anyone looked at the *long term* sustainability and renewability of the battery technology and materials that are being used in the manufacture of the batteries. The toxicity profile is another issue, toxicity becomes much more of the problem when you are dealing with huge quantities and volumes of material as in a battery.

    I know people talk about hydrogen. I once read a science fiction story about a planet that drained its oceans and

  • Great just what the world needs.....Another toy that only rich people can afford.
    I'lll start taking this seriously when the come out with an electric F150 that costs less than $30k.

    • I'lll start taking this seriously when the come out with an electric F150 that costs less than $30k.

      Why would you needlessly hamstring the electric pickup when the average F-150 sale price is over $38,000 and the high end trim packages cost over $45,000? Especially considering the likelihood that a Tesla pickup will out perform an F-150 in all relevant categories, including range. By rights, you should be willing to pay around $50,000 for a Tesla pickup.

  • Porsche could rip off the entire design from the ground up and ship it... hell they could license the Tesla cars and mass produce them and it will still not be a "Tesla competitor".

    Just like when you buy and Apple iPhone or Apple Watch, the devices aren't particularly anything real special. It takes a few weeks before 50 other companies ship a damn near clone and often even better devices than that for half the price. And yet, iPhone and Apple Watch still sell like there's no tomorrow.

    To make a Tesla compet

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