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Facebook Announces Crowdfunding Service To Back Causes Such As Medical Needs ( 67

Facebook said today it is introducing a crowdfunding feature to help users back causes such as education, medical needs, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergencies and funerals. The new tool, which appears to offer similar features as GoFundMe, allows users 18 or older to "raise money for themselves, a friend or someone or something not on Facebook." From a report: Personal Fundraisers are available in several specific categories, and require a 24-hour review process. Here are the covered categories for now:
Education: such as tuition, books or classroom supplies.
Medical: such as medical procedures, treatments or injuries.
Pet Medical: such as veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries.
Crisis Relief: such as public crises or natural disasters.
Personal Emergency: such as a house fire, theft or car accident.
Funeral and Loss: such as burial expenses or living costs after losing a loved one.

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Facebook Announces Crowdfunding Service To Back Causes Such As Medical Needs

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  • by DontBeAMoran ( 4843879 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:06PM (#54144945)

    I need money to buy Bitcoins.

    Please send funds to my Bitcoin wallet 18awryFxpSG2C1PRHWCteoak94HfdFbnfD

  • Other countries... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by squiggleslash ( 241428 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:06PM (#54144955) Homepage Journal it via universal healthcare systems, either directly funded by taxation, or via a strong, well regulated, health insurance system that covers everyone.

    But yeah, begging for money via the Internet works too, I guess.

  • by fluffernutter ( 1411889 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:09PM (#54144979)
    This used to be called BEGGING.
  • by jeffy210 ( 214759 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:16PM (#54145051)

    I think what really bothers me about this is we're happily tearing down any support nets in the US and instead relying on the goodwill of strangers. This really leans more towards "the rich get richer" because they continue to hoard their money as rather than their tax dollars working towards the welfare of all people for basic needs, people now have to rely on others' post tax dollars if they're lucky.

    This is the march towards a pure capitalist society which I think it's going to have it's own host of issues and really pushes the "I got mine, screw you" mentality, rather than trying to help all people in times of need.

    • by fluffernutter ( 1411889 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:20PM (#54145079)
      I feel the word you are looking for is BEGGING. We are allowing people to beg for money through apps. Furthermore, many people are guilted into it because you can see whether your 'friend' donated money or not.
    • What this kind of begging does is help people who come from rich backgrounds but are currently less rich. They have wealthy friends and family who will donate to their pet's surgery, whereas people from poor backgrounds are unlikely to have anyone on their friends list who can help out with that.

    • This really leans more towards "the rich get richer" because they continue to hoard their money as rather than their tax dollars working towards the welfare of all people for basic needs

      People say this yet they ignore, or even outright oppose, radical tax reform such as House Bill 25 [] where consumption is taxed rather than income, and since the rich obviously consume far more they'll be putting more much into the system than the working class.

      Regardless I don't ever expect any real tax reform in the US; the current system has been in place for over a hundred years now and it's a gold mine for special interests because of its absurd complexity.

      • I hope you posted that sarcastically. Consumption taxes are by their very nature highly regressive. The rich as a percentage of their income spend very little. Worse, as New York discovered, the rich buy things like expensive art from other places to avoid sales tax(consumption tax). That yacht/jet/island/Van Gogh will be purchased outside the realm of a US consumption tax. Meanwhile, the diapers from amazon are going to get taxed.

      • by Anonymous Coward

        The rich actually don't consume all that much, especially compared to their earnings. That is why they are "rich" and not poor... they have kept at least some of their money and not spent it. Unless you consider "investing" consumption, which it is currently not considered consumption by any proposed or existing taxes. Wealthy, and even upper middle class, on average save a shit ton of money (that currently gets taxed because it is income). That money would no longer be taxed because it is save. This wi

  • That'll be a boon to the usual scam brigade. What better mix than Facebook instant gratification and follow the crowd culture mixed with low-information vain customer base. I guess FB will keep a small percentage ;)

  • Internet enabled feudalism is so cool. []
  • You think things are scary now? Just let Zuckerberg follow his plan and watch what happens. Polarizing pundits like to call the other side (whichever side) "fascist", but this could be the real deal if we don't keep Facebook in check.

  • by Darth Twon ( 2832799 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:57PM (#54145433)

    Remember how selfish these types of services actually are. They exploit tragedies to make a % of the money donated.

    Every time I've had a friend or family member ask for money through similar means (and I actually cared enough to donate), I pull out the old checkbook and spend a few cents on a stamp or give them cash in person. Done, no tracking, no skimming 5% off the top, and its much more personal.

  • from our world's completely lack of basic services and human decency. Fantastic.
  • by 0100010001010011 ( 652467 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @03:23PM (#54145693)

    When her 5-year-old broke his leg, this mom raised $0. It's actually inspiring. []

    Freddie Teer is a normal 7-year-old boy. He loves Legos, skateboarding, and horsing around with his older brother Ollie. But two years ago, his mother faced every parent's worst nightmare. ...

    While Freddie's injury required major treatment, none of Ashley's friends raised any money for him.

    No one from their town took up a collection or held a bake sale.

    No GoFundMe page was started to help cover his bills.

    Instead, Ashley and Freddie walked out of the hospital owing nothing. Because they live in Canada.

    • yep, but in QC for instance, 50% of my taxes go to healthcare and service is so-so... hospital may be free but someone has to pay the exorbitant millionaires doctors we have here (and the PM is himself a millionaire doctor).

      But I agree it's like an insurance we have in case of.

      • 50% of my taxes go to healthcare and service is so-so... hospital may be free but someone has to pay the exorbitant millionaires doctors we have here

        50% of my taxes go to the military, but I suppose it's pretty effective at blowing up any given location. We have millionaire doctors.too, our bills are just highly variable.

      • A few hours wait is a very small price to pay for free care.
  • by dargaud ( 518470 ) <(slashdot2) (at) (> on Thursday March 30, 2017 @03:42PM (#54145863) Homepage
    ...pretty extroverts and scammers will get money, ugly introverts will just rot. How about you implement a decent and universal medical care and education system instead ? Like everyone else, you know.
  • Wasn't Facebook supposed to have supplied free wifi to third world countries by now?
  • by PoopJuggler ( 688445 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @04:10PM (#54146109)
    Facebook announces crowdfunding service to skim dollars off the backs of the needy.
  • This is the Republicans new healthcare plan right?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I thought e-begging was on its way out. Sadly, I was wrong.

  • Wow, so Facebook really is serious about the millennial demographic!

    Seriously, do people have no shame? Freeloading used to have a stigma.

  • I assume they'll charge a percentage for it. Great way to earn money from other people's misfortune.
  • People seem to forget that euphemisms like 'raise money', invesment' and '...-funding' cover variations over the theme of borrowing money, which in the end is going to have to be paid back - and the expectation, when it comes to investment is the equivalent of significantly more than normal loan interest. This is like the infamous 'pay-day loans' that market themselves as your bestest pal ever, who will help you out - but at the cost of what may be equivalent to >100% pa. The normal term for this kind of

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