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Moving On From Fire Phone Turmoil, Amazon Plans New Android Smartphones: Report ( 40

Reader joshtops writes: Amazon plans to have another go at selling its own branded smartphones, according to a new report. The ecommerce giant, which killed off its Fire Phone in 2015, is working on a new lineup of smartphones branded as 'Ice', the report said, citing unnamed sources. Unlike the Fire Phone -- for which Amazon focused largely on the US and a couple of other western markets -- the company is eyeing emerging regions like India for selling its new phones. Amazon's upcoming smartphones run the latest version of Google's Android operating system with Google Mobile Services (GMS) such as Gmail and Google Play, the people said. Incorporating Google Mobile Services in its devices is a major change in strategy for Amazon, which currently offers a range of Android tablets without Google apps on them. The smartphones are being referred to as 'Ice' internally, in what could be a move to distance itself from the disastrous Fire Phone brand, though it's not clear if Amazon will eventually bring the devices under the Ice name. A source cited in the story said the phones will ship with Alexa, Amazon's AI assistant.
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Moving On From Fire Phone Turmoil, Amazon Plans New Android Smartphones: Report

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  • They should've left the "fire" name to Samsung
  • Lesson learned (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday June 05, 2017 @08:54AM (#54550755)
    The Fire Phone failed because it was overpriced, and it didn't support Google apps. If Amazon could make cheaper phones and offer latest Android version with Google Mobile Services, that might be enough for it to make a dent on the market.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Thing with Amazon is, they really obsess about customers' behavior. For a company that has a popular Android fork, giving people what they want -- Google apps -- that's a user-friendly approach. They are putting customers' needs over their business plan. Good on them.
      • by Salgak1 ( 20136 )

        It would be nice if they allowed their Fire Tablets to access the Google ecosystem without having to root the devices, though. . . .They've sold a metric buttload of Kindle Fire Tablets. . .

    • I wish they would at least offer and support them here in the US. Not everyone needs a flagship Android phone.

      Oh, and they should have some method for a bootloader unlock.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Amazon's upcoming smartphones run the latest version of Google's Android operating system with Google Mobile Services (GMS) such as Gmail and Google Play

    I'm guessing Chomecast will still be blocked somehow.

  • Fire tablets are fairly decent, however they have one major drawback. The lack of the Google play store for regular apps makes the tablets second tier for actual use. If Amazon would get the Google app store on their fire tablets they could easily become the dominant android tablet on the market.

  • Maybe after this fails they will try something that 'rocks' like... rock

    And when that fails we can all call it 'brick'

  • The restriction to Amazon's own store. They did it wrong....

    The Fire phone was actually pretty nice. I later got one when they were discontinued to use as a tablet. But the issue is that they locked you into the Amazon store, and made it a hassle to use Google Play and buy standard apps. BAD!!!!

    What Amazon needs to do, is include both stores, but incentivize using the Amazon store.

    How would I do that? I would release my next phone in conjunction with Amazon Coin. Purchase of a new Amazon phone would in

  • I had a Kindle Fire HD that went into brick mode a few years ago. Despite numerous attempts with Amazon tech support, Internet research, and all sorts of recovery procedures involving a "factory cable" to get into fast boot mode, it remains a brick to this day. It starts up OK, but when it gets to the unlock screen, it freezes after the swipe, leaving no keypad and thus no way to enter an unlock code. I have found others with the same problem, but not a single one seems to have a solution.

    When Amazon ele

  • I'm actually very happy with my Kindle Fire, though!
  • ...of Ice and Fire. It'll go like this: They'll release it to rave reviews but as they mature they'll kill off all your favourite features. They'll also never finish them.
  • amazon's android powered kindle book reader it is going to suck!
    i bought amazon's android powered kindle and it sucked so bad i gave it away and just bought a samsung tablet and installed the kindle app, i rather kindle be just an app on a tablet than what amazon has done and totally taken control of the device's software
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